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At Volunt Consultants International, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cover the full spectrum of cost management, from initial estimates to final certifications. Our expertise extends through both pre and post-contract stages, including BoQ preparation / Verification, estimating labor/material requirements, and managing post-contract variations and settlements. Our approach combines thorough attention to detail with a deep understanding of the construction industry, ensuring every client receives bespoke solutions designed to minimize risk, optimize costs, and enhance value.

BoQ preparation

Volunt International excels in BoQ preparation, ensuring meticulous detailing and accuracy. Our expert team navigates through specifications, quantities, and rates to deliver comprehensive documentation tailored to your project needs.

Verification, estimating labor

Volunt International's labor and material estimation verification service ensures accuracy and efficiency in project planning. We blend precision with industry insight to optimize costs and minimize risks for seamless project execution.


Material requirements

Volunt International's Material Requirements service meticulously assesses project needs, ensuring optimal allocation of resources. With a blend of precision and foresight, we streamline material procurement, minimizing costs while maximizing efficiency.

Managing post-contract variations

Managing post-contract variations: Our specialized service ensures smooth handling of contract changes, mitigating risks, optimizing costs, and enhancing project value through meticulous assessment and negotiation of alterations.



Volunt International specializes in meticulous management of post-contract variations and settlements, ensuring fair and timely resolution while minimizing risks and maximizing value for our clients.


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